The Almighty Inn

The almighty Inn

A Spiritual Odyssey by David Durovy

I met Eve a few years after she spent time at The Almighty Inn, a B&B in the Alleghany National Forest. Years after, she was still struggling to figure it all out. The story she told me is way beyond my understanding, but held my interest enough to want to share it with the world.

It was supposed to be a simple adventure, drive around the country and find some meaning to her life, some purpose, some anything that could be better than the non-life she had come to know and despise. Nothing in her wildest imaginings could have ever prepared herself for what followed. Route 666*, nicknamed the Devil's Highway ran right through the little town, but the townspeople never gave it a second thought.

Eve found out things about the ineffable paradigm of the cosmos—the never-ending eternally unfolding series of present moments, and, if she lost track of even for a moment, she could find herself facing her deepest and darkest fears.

*See above map in header, Route 666 is real, and so are many of the things and people in the story as I came to verify while writing.


This book was written during a "Write a Book in 100 Days" program through The Write Practice organization, which ended in Dec. 2019, and is the 1st draft. We were told to write, not edit. Write crap. Write good. Just write. Don't look back. Some of this is terrible writing. Some is pretty good. Much may be mediocre at best. This was just to ensure that a first draft got completed. I managed over 90,000 words in 100 day (ave. 900+/day). An average novel is 60-70,000 words. About 30,000 words needs to be cut! Time for that later.

I will be moving onto part 2, working on a 2nd draft in June 2020 where the editing process begins. Look for a final published version in 2020 or 2021.

The Premise

Eve, a young disillusioned young woman in search of self, meets a middle-aged man who seems to know much about a realm that Jesus and many saints, poets, and mystics have spoken of, but has been lost to “industrialized Christianity” and traditional understanding. Joshua, the proprietor of the Almighty Inn B&B where she is staying, comes across as having an intimate understanding and knowledge of Jesus that is way beyond mere belief.

She has been long suffering from a broken life and wants this knowledge badly enough to put a cross-country travel on hold and stay in a small rural area for an “unearthly” amount of time to take on an impossible journey of inward exploration.

She returns from this journey of self-discovery, filled with magical and mysterious events that had taken place, or never took place. Whichever it was, she is not sure.

The end result is a story of love that has been told over and over in many languages and cultures to people old and young.

Thank you for joining me in this journey.

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