Welcome to The LoveMore Institute Blogs.

Our intent is to provide life-changing and paradigm-shifting information free to visitors, and also offer recommendations of books and other items which we feel will help enhance and accelerate the evolution of humanity. This requires a way of viewing, seeing, and perceiving the world in an entirely different manner. This uniquely different way connects us to each other in a vibrant experience where we want the best for all and there is no "other". This is not meant as one size that fits all that hopes to fix all that ails (although love may have that effect), but an invitation to experience the connection we all share with each other, our environment, and with ourselves for a more meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling and exhilarating experience of life.

All Three Blogs are located on the same website — The LoveMore Blog

The LoveMore Blog is a source of short posts and articles representing our thinking and that of others which we feel to be valuable in helping enlarge the vision and experience of loving one another, no exceptions. "How Big Is Your We?" — Beatrice Bruteau

The Parenting challenging foster, adopted, and diagnosed children blog, in partnership with The Post Institute, features more than ten years of articles helping parents and professionals with children that come from hard places utilizing a love-based, family-centered approach which goes beyond logic, reason, and consequences, and is based on the work of Bryan Post and Kristi Saul.

The Now and Not Yet Blog represents the essence of human beings' search for a deeper experience of life. There is much that has been lost in our search for a more abundant life as well as much that has been found. We hope to present ideas, resources, insight, and practices that can bring greater awareness, understanding, and experiences to help us move toward becoming more fully human through a multi-disciplinary approach using science, religion, psychology, research, and social sciences.